VCA Graduate Exhibitions – Production and Art School

I popped in at the VCA Graduate Exhibition Launch to check out what the kids (and potential rivals) have been up to.  This year, they’ve put in quite some effort to present a very smooth and impressive setup, complete with slide show/interviews, headshots to rival their drama school cousins, a freeflow of champagne (sparkling wine is the legal term here) and a large wall fresco of a blimp and birds, 3d, no less. 2009 graduate Alice Fleming gave a good pep talk to the new graduates, providing us with insights of life in the ‘outside world’ (outside of what, though?) I left with one very positive thought. One can always be assured of a VCA grad producing deliberated, thorough, quality work. And that is why I’m proud.

Go to the VCA Production Graduate Exhibition. It’s quite a good show this year.  It’s open from the 22nd-23rd, 10am-4pm. Then you can pop over to the VCA Art School Graduate Exhibition next door. 22nd – 27th November, Tuesdays – Sundays, 12pm – 5pm. It’s worth it.

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