VCA Art Graduate Exhibition – A Keeper

Amy MacPherson and Marus McKenzie - Hers and His necklaces.

Everytime I see Marcus he’s sporting a cool new outfit.  I can never really tell what’s happening, but they’re all very inventive. Today it’s double denim, but the chambray shirt isn’t technically touching the bleached vest- he’s managed to separate them with some sort of long hooded marle thing with cutoff sleeves ever so slightly reminiscent of the Flintstones. Go figure.  The cap and shoes are good bookends. Marcus is an actor I recently worked with, and Amy I also worked with before.  I was pleasantly surprised to see them together. Amy is a dancer and founded Phantom Limbs with good mate James Welsby.

Very sweet coupling. She’s wearing a crystal necklace that Marcus made for her.  He’s wearing one that… well… he made for himself.  When I saw him last week, he was wearing a different one. Items unfortunately not for sale.

I just wonder how many boyfriends out there make jewellery for their girlfriends. I think this one’s a keeper.



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