VCA Art Graduate Exhibition – The Poser

Work it...
Work it...
Work it!

Even when caught quite unaware, this guy really knows his poses.   One of the first things to master when you’re an art student. And that… is how you check your phone.  (Note: smartphone not accepted.)

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7 Responses to VCA Art Graduate Exhibition – The Poser

  1. Terminator says:

    Who. Is. This. Man??

  2. obi wan "kanobe" says:

    I just wonder how much hotter these photos would be in black and white. Tres Paris. I want one.

  3. Blackbird says:

    Half Poser\Half dopey aye bro 😉

  4. Martha Gill says:

    Who is this man? He is my brother that’s who. lol. He’s a shiatsu student actually not art. The posing just comes naturally.

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