Theatre Foyer – 50’s Chic

Esther Hayes, The Sisters Hayes (2 of 3)
Rebecca Hayes, The Sisters Hayes (3 of 3)

2 of the 3 sisters of ‘The Sisters Hayes,’  a delicious collaboration amongst 3 sisters doing everything and anything designed. It’s easy to pick Esther out in the foyer- she is always intricately outfitted in the cutest of 50’s garments, sometimes in the oddest of contexts. I once saw her mincing down St Kilda road in heels rolling an office chair.  Apparently she had rolled it all the way across the bridge down to the VCA.  It was part of a set she was doing but I admire her tenacity in looking her best even in these situations.  Esther designed costumes for MTC this year in Hamlet and last year in All About my Mother.

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