Theatre Foyer – Gentleman Style

Philip Rhodes in Polka Dots and Stripes

Caught a glimpse of Phillip and absolutely had to have his photo, if not in conjunction with Movember, then just as one of the most well dressed gentlemen in the foyer that night. He is MTC‘s in-house milliner and has absolute, impeccable style.  He’s managed to bring my gentleman’s polka-dot scarf trademark to another level.  Love the white stripes on the shoes to finish off the look.

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2 Responses to Theatre Foyer – Gentleman Style

  1. Craig says:

    I like the pokerdots

    • Eugyeene says:

      Big dots are hard to carry off. These ones are good. I remember Peter Corrigan once telling me that Polka dots, within the context of contemporary art, is extremely potent, and should be used with care.

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