Midsumma Approaching (When it’s spelt with an ‘a,’ you know it’s gonna be fabulous!)

Watch out for those queers coz they’re gonna come splash rainbow coloured popsicle juice all over your town! I attended the media launch for the 2012 Midsumma yesterday morning and it promises to be a hoot!

I’m not quite convinced.  Apparently the Melbourne Midsumma is ‘one of the top five queer festivals in the world.’ I must admit, I question the integrity of this broad sweeping statement, though I’m willing to give it a go.  The breadth of activities throughout this 3 week (15th Jan to 5th February 2012) festival seems thoroughly impressive, from Word is Out: Hares and Hyenas 20th Anniversary offering a spectacular season of 20 performances, to the very irresistable and camp Whose Line is it Anyway type impromptu  Spontaneous Broadway, right down to the very popular and cherished Carnival, otherwise known as the Big Gay Picnic. There will be some outstanding events and performances, and some not so outstanding ones, and then there are some reserved for very guilty pleasures that we won’t tell anyone about (kinda like secretly watching Glitter at home by yourself.)

Pictured above is Alan Ball’s (creator of Six Feet Under and screenwriter of American Beauty) All That I Will Ever Be, directed by Robert Chuter and hosted by everyone’s favourite delicious newsreader and openly gay Anton Enus. Also watch out for Christie Whelan playing (refer previous post) Britney Spears: The Cabaret. I’ve heard good things about it.

Check out the website coz you won’t find any printed programmes around this time.

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