Theatre Foyer – Starlet

Nikki Shiels – Black and Red

The insatiable Nikki Shiels appeared in the foyer with a little black dress, scrumptuous red hair and Jenny Kemp. Shiels, previously seen in MTC‘s Don Parties On (moving on swiftly…) will soon appear in next year’s MTC production of Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls, directed by, you guessed it, Jenny Kemp.  It seems she has become quite the little muse of Jenny, having taken the role of the brilliant Maddy in Kemp’s striking Madeleine last year. I’ve written gleamingly about her in a previous blog, and it is by no mere coincidence that she has become the first pictorial post on this blog.  Please don’t think that I stalked her- I was simply glad to see her there.

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